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My golden retriever has a persistent skin inflammation problem and this oil has really toned down her itching and licking. Anything to keep us from spending a fortune at the vet is a great move in my book. Will buy again!

A. Summers

The only thing that's helped Max

Our 2 year old Siberian Max was having digestive issues. We tried all sorts of stuff and nothing helped till his Dad ordered this and after 2 weeks of adding it to his regular cat food he's all better and back to his purrrfect self.

C. Hamilton

Love it!!!! Iā€™m happy

I usually do not reviews, but super like this Hemp Oil. My puppy suffers from separation anxiety and has a tough time going into his kennel when he knows I’m leaving. After putting a using this product he goes right into his kennel when it's time for me to leave. That had made my life so much easier šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€.

M. Pi

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