3 Facts About Cats You Didn't Know: Part 2

Yesterday, we provided a 'sneak peek' at a few facts you didn't know. These touched the surface, but we will share a few more with you today. We also encourage you to do some research for yourself. You would be surprised what you find beneath the surface! 

Fact 1: Your Cat May "Own You"

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That's right, your cat may have claimed you as hers just as you have claimed her as yours. How? Kneading! Experts haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly why cats like to knead, but there have been many scientists develop several possible explanations.

The first theory on kneading is that your kitty is trying to mark their "territory" (AKA you!) with scent glands in their paws.

Since kittens knead their mommy's belly to stimulate milk production, there’s also a chance that they carry this behavior into adulthood.

Fact 2: Quotation Marks Were Developed by the Cat

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What?! Yes, you heard that right. Cats are responsible for the development of quotation marks. 

The Hungarian word for "quotation marks," macskaköröm, literally translates to "cat claws."

Just like cat claws, quotation marks hold your words inside where they're meant to be! 

Fact 3: A Cat Can't Always Land on Her Feet

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There's a common myth that's circled around basically forever. Cats always land on their feet. Most of the time this is true; but there are times where cats are not able to do so.

Just as we said above, all four paws often end up touching the ground (AKA- their perfect landing skills).

Cat's are able to tell if they're up or down due to their excellent sense of balance. If they are plummeting to the ground, they're able to twist in the air which allows them to correct their bodies for (hopefully) the perfect landing.

That 'perfect' landing can only happen if they have enough time, enough flexibility, and enough energy.

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That's all the cat facts for today, we hope you continue to watch our blog for more interesting information about your furry loved ones! 

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